Hedy Perna is DanceLady CEO

After years and years of advising and helping dance studio owners in every aspect of their business, Hedy Perna has developed a product line that will make your studio and your life run smoother and easier. Iíve successfully run my studio for more than 22 years and love sharing my ideas and procedures with dance studio owners throughout the country. Time and time again, youíve asked for my products, my packets and forms, and copies of my powerpoint presentations. Now, itís my pleasure to introduce my product line.

Performance Spacing Blocks

Help your students "hit their mark". Everywhere - Every time!

A portable and discreet spacing system that allows your students to have a familiar reference point, whether performing on a stage at their annual recital or in an unfamiliar venue such as a park or community event. Youíll use this product over and over for many, many years!

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Recital Planning 101

This presentation will be an aide in making the recital planning process more organized and less stressful to you. Helpful hints and suggestions, including forms and procedures, to help you actually "enjoy" your own show!

Summer Dance

Looking for a successful method to keep your studio busy during the summer? My Summer Dance presentation is full of themed ďcampĒ ideas and step by step procedures to keep your studio providing an income during the summer.

Props, Sets & Scenery Series

Put the Show in your Biz!

Here it is! You wanted to see some creative and interesting uses of props and you wonít be disappointed. Pictures and pictures of our sets and scenery that will inspire you to put on your best show ever. This series of presentations will prove to be one of our most popular - itís sure to please you and definitely your audience!

Studio Intern Packet

Would you like some extra help in the front lobby and with office duties? From the invitation to participate to the training of each student, we have the complete packet for you to apply to your studiosí needs.

Studio Assistant Packet

Need a helper or demonstrator in the classroom? Hereís a complete packet that gives you the detailed forms and procedures to implement a successful Studio Assistant program at your studio.